Side Effects Of Overprotective Parents

In many homes today, children have become the center of the universe, where parents orbit them. When this happens and there is overprotection on the part of the parents to the children, in the long run the children become tyrants, naricists, lazy people and they think that everything has to be done for them, because they have the right to be treated as authoritarian kings.

Children with parents who are overprotective will not learn the skills necessary to develop successfully and will even think that it is not worth the effort because it is better for others to take care of their responsibilities. They do their homework with their parents, they don’t know how to do things, the ‘I don’t know’ is the first thing they say to avoid frustration in the face of any academic or daily activity, they have tantrums if their wishes are not fulfilled … They always need others to satisfy their wants and needs. But overprotective parenting has side effects.

The side effects of having overprotective parents

Parenting often means always finding a middle ground between a permissive or overly protective style. The possible results of strict or overprotective parenting could be negative for children, both in childhood and in adult life. A restrictive and controlling parenting style could create a negative behavioral style on the part of children.

As children grow they must progress from total dependence on parents to independence, when they begin to feel that they must create their own identity. Parents can feel excessively protective of their children and want to control all aspects of their lives just to protect them from any danger, something that will make them not have enough skills to develop in life.


A strict and overprotective parent will place high demands on children without realizing that they are creating a situation where children become overly dependent on parents. The father remains involved and committed in all the activities and decisions of the children. Children will feel that parents must make all their decisions always overriding their identity.

Self esteem issues

Overprotection does not prepare children for life. ‘Easy’ success is dangerous for children’s development. Anything good ALWAYS costs effort. It is not about forcing children to try too hard or make things too complicated, but to value the effort to get things, because life is like that. An overprotected child will be more likely to fall into depression or suffer from stress, anxiety or aggression problems. To overprotect is to unprotect and leaves the children ‘naked’ in an increasingly complicated and difficult society. The secret is finding the balance in parenting.